All others will learn what they are interested in.  There is no curriculum, I follow your lead.  There is no contract, you come as often as you want, when it is convenient for you.  You have fun while learning but with no grades, no intimidation, and no judgment.  Your interest may be altering your clothes, how to take your measurements, the proper way to lay out and cut your fabric, proper pinning, and using a rotary cutter.  I can also help you with your projects, explain  different techniques that you may be having trouble understanding, zippers, buttonholes, quilting, repairs, up cycle, recycle, appliques, even help you starting a business.  I worked in a fortune 500 Corporation for 20 years and have had many clients start their own business.

​All classes are 2 hours in length for $50.  We will cover what we can at the speed and comfort that you learn best.  Sign up now by text, e-mail or phone.
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