B Sew Proud Tampa offers private sewing classes for children, teens and adults.  Once you learn the basic sewing concepts, the creative possibilities will be endless.  You will B Sew Proud of your abilities that you will soon be making your own sewing projects and those for your family, friends and home decor.  You will be able to make alterations which will save you money, not to mention all the business opportunities that will come to mind.  A bonus when you make someone a gift, you will B Sew Proud because your gift was made with love and be one of a kind. 
Have you always wanted to take sewing classes? 
Do you have a sewing machine that you don't know how to operate?  Sign up now for private sewing classes at a time that is convenient for you!   

Sign up now for the sewing class and time that fits into your life!
All classes are one on one and personalized for when you want to learn & what you want to learn!
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